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Light Painting is vastly growing as a new genre of portrait photography. The fact that light painting can only be done in the dark means it does have some limitations to reaching a wider audience. 


Cre8fotos commenced with a light painting purpose studio, but now we are bringing light painting to you with our Cre8fotos Kiosk which is a portable light painting studio. Comprising mainly a 3m x 4.5m gazebo that can be erected on any ground outdoors. It is 100% waterproof, fire resistant and UV 50+ sun protection. 

We can cater for your events on the go, the first in UK, Cre8fotos kiosk is ready to lift your event to the next level with magical photo experience.


We can offer a package to suit all forms of parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals and graduations, or perhaps you prefer an innovative approach to photography which offers a unique experience. 


Within the many packages we offer we can always accommodate your needs. Cre8fotos is family run business and that's always been the the fundamental behind what we do, no longer do you have to sit and have traditional portrait, we produce not only memories but a piece of unique and vibrant art that will not be collecting dust in draw but hanging proud in any home or business.


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